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We help eCommerce-focused companies to define data needs, retrieve, analyze and visualize any data for ongoing business optimization.

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eCommerce analytics is the cornerstone of data-driven strategy, providing essential insights into customer behavior, product performance, and operational efficiency. By analyzing data from every touchpoint in the customer journey, businesses can uncover trends, predict outcomes, and make informed decisions to drive growth.

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Data chaos into actionable insights

Transform your data into strategic opportunities with our analytics services, designed for insightful decision-making and optimized eCommerce growth.

On-demand data team access

Direct access to Data Engineers and Analysts for data management and strategic insights.

Data warehousing & data stack setup

Establish an analytics base with scalable data warehousing and data stack setup for secure, high-performance data handling.

Marketing tracking tool and API set up

Link eCommerce with marketing APIs for synchronized data flow and insights.

Analytics platform implementation

Expert setup and management across analytics platforms like GA4, Adobe, and more, customized for your business.

Conversion optimization and attribution

Conversion tracking and attribution model implementation for precise marketing ROI analysis.

Analytics platform audits

In-depth reviews to enhance data accuracy and reporting capabilities on all analytics tools.

Customer journey analytics

Analytical deep dives into the customer journey to pinpoint and enhance key conversion paths.

Cross-channel marketing analytics

Comprehensive analysis of marketing efforts across channels for optimized strategy and ROI.

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Advanced analytics specialties

Tailored solutions for data-driven success.

GA4 Migration & Support

Universal Analytics stopped working on July 1, 2023. Biggest change in Google Analytics platform of all times! Are you prepared for it? Learn everything you need to know about it.

eCommerce Business 
Intelligence Subscription

eCommerce Business Intelligence subscription provides you with the comfort of knowing that you have quick access to the most important data points associated with your eCommerce store and most importantly bi-weekly business performance analysis by Scandiweb analytics experts.

eCommerce Analytics
BI Projects & Implementations

Our team can work on one-off project based solutions from Strategy and Auditing to Data Warehousing implementation and advanced business analysis.

Analytics Support Desk

On-demand access to Data Engineers and Data Analysts for running analytics audits, implementing new tracking for web behaviour or marketing, providing insights and analysis of marketing performance or user web behaviour insights.

Growth Accelerator

End to end care of your eCommerce store, from data insights gathering to ongoing A/B testing, increasing your store revenue every month.

Adobe Launch Optimisation & Tag Management

Whether you need assistance with setup, optimization, or ongoing tag management, our expert team has the skills and experience to help you drive powerful insights and achieve your business goals.

Adobe Analytics Implementation & Configuration

Adobe Analytics implementation, data analysis, and optimization for your digital campaigns. Our customized solutions include tag management, expert marketing campaign insights and more.

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